First Post! Assignment One

Being a long time reader, subscriber and lover of blogs I am actually kind of surprised that the first blogs that I have ever created myself have been the blogs I have had to make this semester for a few different classes. Needless to say, blogs are something I appreciate and enjoy and I am looking forward to being able to create a blog myself for a class (this one- nat108) that I genuinely am interested in!

WordPress has been incredibly easy to use for creating this blog, easier than I ever really expected it to be. That’s part of the reason I never have really tried to create a blog myself, I thought I was completely incapable of making one, or at least a half decent one. But the simplicity of WordPress has really made me realize that I have been avoiding the whole experience for no reason at all. There are two features of WordPress that I have noticed really help make everything that much simpler. One is the fact that you can manage multiple blogs from one main account without needing to sign in and out between accounts and the second is how accessible everything on WordPress is by smartphone. It has been nice to be able to work on homework assignments, such as this one, when I am out of the house but do have a spare moment to work on something. The only negative thing I would have to say about WordPress so far would be that a lot of the good themes cost money, but I do understand the necessity of it.

The reason I am excited to work on this blog specifically for this class is because of the kind of things we have learned and are going to be learning this semester. Learning about robotics and artificial intelligence in the first few weeks of the semester has already opened up my eyes to a lot of things I had not realized, and has left me with more questions than I ever thought I would have about robotics in my life. Questions like, will they be able to create robots with genuine senses of humour and wit, will robots be able to develop friendships with other robots and possibly even form communities with other robots, are things I never thought I would be asking myself, but it is interesting to ask and think about these sorts of things in ways things like I never have before.