How iPhone and Android Phones Spy On You

This is a short video from The Guardian about how the latest smartphone technology is used to track the people who use them. Considering it is a rare thing these days to not have a smartphone, this is done fairly easily for most people. In this video it is mentioned that not only do Apple and Google know your location at this moment, but they also have all the data on where you have been in the past year even.

Not only are the people who make these phones tracking where people go, apps are now asking to use location services and are tracking peoples locations as well. Apps such as Snapchat and an app called Brightest Flashlight are among those that have been accused of this. Apps also try to gain access to other parts of peoples phones as well such as the camera and microphone to sell more targeted ads.

This video explains what people with iPhones can do to protect their privacy and keep their personal information safe, but unfortunately there is not much that can be done to do the same for android phones. This is because Apple and Google both have different types of data they wish to collect on consumers.


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