Arguing Against Climate Deniers


This article from Global News came out in 2013 after the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a 36-page summary of climate change for policy makers, and was intended to show the arguments that climate deniers make.

Climate Change Deniers are described later on in the article and the tactics they use to get their points out in the public. One of the arguments of Climatologist Andrew Weaver says how we cannot understand the kind of impact increased carbon dioxide will have on the atmosphere, and has also claimed that there is no proof that the changes in the Arctic are caused by humans and not some natural occurrence. David Rose from the UK’s Mail On Sunday claimed that the Earth is actually in a process of global cooling right now.

Most who deny climate change apparently do so based on their own alternative climate models, but a University of Toronto professor says it is actually not not based on any model at all. Weaver concludes that we cannot know with 100 percent certainty whether the human contribution to climate change is causing the earth to warm at the rate it is.

This article from the Union of Concerned Scientists explains in detail the science behind global warming, proving why the previous article is essentially wrong. The article explains how we know about the effects of Carbon Dioxide on the atmosphere so from that we can observe and predict the effects of increased Carbon Dioxide on the atmosphere. We know humans are the largest producers of Carbon Dioxide with the amount of fossil fuels that are burned by humans The effects of this can already be seen with the acceleration of the rise in sea level among other things. Scientists agree that global warming is a real concern and humans are the primary cause.


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