Misconceptions I Had, Too

I have never outright denied the existence of climate change, but I have definitely found myself questioning how much global warming really has been happening on those -40 days. I really liked this video because I felt it addressed many of the misconceptions I had in a way that was informative and entertaining.

I found that this video helped me start to rethink the ways I have been viewing global warming and climate change. After seeing all the evidence that there is such as the sea levels rising and the melting of glaciers and ice on Antarctica, it is clear that has been and is an overall change in the climate.

Considering the dependency that our world has on fossil fuels which emit the most Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing the most to the overall increase in temperature on a global scale, it is apparent that the activities of humans are undeniably contributing to climate change.

Whenever this problem of the amount of fossil fuels we burn is brought up, it always seems like the solutions are always up to the individual. We are told we must stop driving cars or stop creating so much garbage, which I do agree people individually should consider, but I feel like the biggest contributors to fossil fuel emissions are neglected. What about the companies that ship their products from China, creating more pollution than whole neighbourhoods are capable of? If people really want to decrease fossil fuel emissions, I feel like it needs to be on a much larger scale. Shipping products across oceans and countries has to contribute enormously to the amount of Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere and in if we want to decrease emissions overall, we must also consider this.


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