What If It Was One Degree Warmer? How About Six? (Assignment 3)

National Geographic has made a series of six videos that show in each video the consequences of a rise in the Earth’s temperature of one degree, starting with a rise of one degree and continuing to a rise of six degrees.

The first video posted above details a majority of the weather changes that would begin to occur across the world, including droughts in Western America that would impact American food resources, along with the “emergence of new deserts” across America as well.

The second video emphasizes the changes in marine life, especially within coral reefs, that would occur if the Earth were to increase two degrees in temperature. Most people do not acknowledge the importance of coral reef, but this video explains that they are a very important indicator of the overall health of the ocean.

The next 3 videos show the results of subsequent temperature increases on Earth.

The last of the six videos predicts the consequences of a six degree temperature increase on life on Earth. It is devastating to think that even a seemingly small temperature increase could cause almost all of marine life to die, whole continents to turn to desert, and cause floods in some of the worlds greatest cities, such as New York City, that would submerge the entire city.


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