6 Business Benefits of Instagram


Of all the social media networks that has come and gone in the last ten years or so, Instagram has probably been the one I’ve enjoyed the most. Seeing peoples pictures of their daily lives in places such as Indonesia, Switzerland, and Iceland is one of the coolest aspects of Instagram, as it lets people into each others lives like never before. I was interested, then, when I found this post on Koozai about some of the business benefits to using Instagram.

Here is the link to the article that was posted over the summer about 6 business benefits of using Instagram. It focuses more on how small businesses can use Instagram to create a a personal experience between them and their customers, allowing them into a behind the scenes look at the company. It overall details how Instagram can help reach a target market and work to keep and grow such a market.

I can comment from personal experience that this does help to build a sort of relationship with the customer that overall adds to the business. My younger sister just recently became certified as a hairdresser and took to enhancing her salons Instagram account to build clientèle for herself and co-workers. She has had a great amount of success in doing so and is now solidly booked with loyal clients almost everyday. Considering the fact she works in a small town of less than 5,000, I can see she has been successful in bringing business in.


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